Xamk restaurants

Xamk has one cafe and six restaurants: Restaurant Kasarmina, Restaurant DeXi, Restaurant Talli and Café Alfa in Mikkeli, Restaurant Junnu in Kotka, Restaurant Paja in Kouvola and Restaurant Kaari in Savonlinna. All restaurants provide lunch and café services and catering services to students, staff and other customers. All the restaurants have a unique profile. The restaurant menus favor locally sourced and organic food.

How meal subsidy works

Students completing higher education are eligible for discounted meals at participating student restaurants. Foreign students completing a degree in Finland and Exchange students qualify for a meal subsidy. The subsidy is 2,30 € per meal and available for one meal per day.

You can qualify for a meal subsidy by presenting a valid student ID or a meal subsidy card issued by Kela. You can get the meal subsidy card free of charge from the student affairs office and the student ID card from Student Union Kaakko.

You can find more information of eligibility, payment and qualifications here:



Xamk restaurant services at the Mikkeli campus

At the Mikkeli Campus you can get a meal subsidy lunch from Restaurant Kasarmina and Restaurant DeXi. Restaurant Talli offers lunch for students at a discount price.

Jamix menu

You can easily check the lunch menu by downloading Jamix Menu app to your smartphone. With the app, you can see detailed lunch lists with ingredients and information of the nutritional value of the meals.

Takeaway meals

You can buy a subsidy lunch as takeaway during the lunch time. You can buy one meal for yourself. A student needs to show a valid student card ID, or a meal subsidy card issued by Kela.

The meal you can packed in a take away box what you can get from casher (cost 0,50€). Also you can buy paper bag from casher (0,50€).

Student prices and payment methods

Lunch prices

You can find lunch prices in Jamix Menu app.

Mikkeli campus: Restaurant Kasarmina, Restaurant DeXi

Kotka campus: Restaurant Junnu

Kouvola campus: Restaurant Paja

Savonlinna campus: Restaurant Kaari

Meal subsidy lunch prices do not include coffee or tea. Lunch coffee or tea costs 0,80 €/ mug or 0,90€/1,10€ take away cup small/big.

All of the Xamk restaurants offer a meal subsidy lunch made of chicken, turkey, pork or beef. All those meats are always domestic. There is a vegetarian option in a meal subsidy lunch every day.

If you need special diet lunch:
  • You need to deliver a medical certification that confirms the need for a special diet to the restaurant manager.
  • You need to notify the restaurant by email of the days you will come for a lunch

Payment methods

A self-service cashier is also available at the restaurants of Xamk restaurant services. At the self-service cashier, you can pay your cafe and lunch services by a rechargeable customer card (ASIAKASKORTTI in Finnish) or a student card (AMK-OPISKELIJAKORTTI in Finnish).

In Restaurant DeXi and Restaurant Kasarmina you can also pay with a bank card. You will have 0,10€ discount from your lunch price when you pay your lunch at the self-service cashier.


We also accept cash in our Restaurants.